ADP Published Garnishment Rates Among US Workers

Today ADP came out with a report showing, for the first time, how many US workers are impacted by wage garnishment.

This is nothing new to Ganart. For this growing situation and multiple others, we created Money Earned.


About four years ago, we had one customer (we’ll call him Bob) who worked in the manufacturing sector. He told us that the ONLY way he could make it week to week was with Money Earned. He knew how little his net pay was. We did also. His ability to get to what he had earned, just so he could make it through his days, weeks and months while paying his garnishments down, was all the difference in the world to him. To do so, without another loan or debt, meant that Bob was truly able to manage his world with what he actually had coming to him, not taking on more debt.

Bob and his employers confirmed that prior to their Workplace Solution being installed, his productivity and morale was on a steep decline. After installation, Bob was able to “manage” his world, day to day. Morale went back up.

Hot Dogs and Ramen

Bob no longer wondered how he’d get gas to make it back and forth to work. He didn’t have to survive on Ramen and hot dogs for the six days prior to his next paycheck (Bob is paid every other week). Having any one of the dozen life events that come up i.e. flat tire, needing medicine, child school activities were less of a worry. Money Earned allowed Bob to focus more on his job while at work.


With ADP’s report today, it’s more apparent than ever, that a large percentage of US workers need help…now. The extended opportunity is U.S. employers would benefit from SOMEONE helping their employees to improve productivity, quality and overall morale.

That is what Ganart is, and has been doing with the Workplace Solution and Money Earned. If you are an employer and would like to know how you can bring this solution to your company at zero cost, please contact us today.

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