Advanced Terminal Remote Management

While we’ve been scaling up the TaaS platforms deployment, our team has been working in parallel on several remote service features.

At Ganart, we believe in standardizing repeatable processes and develop frameworks to support the automation of them. It has enabled us:

  • To focus on new initiatives and keep support calls down to the minimum.
  • Automation processes also have become very handy for our technicians.
  • A great timesaver to control and assist kiosks out in the field while techs are on call.

One such automated framework developed as part of our Terminal Management Network (TMN) is called MeCocoon. It lets us monitor, manage, control, and remotely configure endpoints as well as support escalation. We recently beta tested the framework on some of the Ganart kiosk endpoints. The results met our expectations.

MeCocoon is now being actively being used by Ganart’s customer support and production support. Some of the features include, maintain network heartbeats, get remote diagnostic information about the kiosk and the ability to remotely recycle the kiosk. With a RESTful architecture, many more features are being designed and some are in implementation phase to the TMN.

The main design parameters for MeCocoon were to maintain a simple client interface (easy adoption), highly asynchronous mode of functionality and great security. The features are assignable, subject to personnel job description, or client’s needs. The MeCocoon services work on mobile platforms too. We actively use MeCocoon this way on Android and iPhone.

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