Three new ways to recharge minutes with money everywhere


You spoke. We listened.


Responding to customers of the Workplace Solution needing to recharge minutes on their phones, Ganart Technologies has released a suite of three new services:

International Pin-less Recharge Minutes

Allows the creation and reloading of a pin-less account directly from any workplace who has a Ganart ME kiosk. Less than two minutes during break or lunch and you’re set! No additional pin codes to enter. Use your existing phone to make inexpensive international calls. As low as 1.5 cents per minute.

Need to call Grandmama but do not have the cash today? Just use Money Earned as your payment source and give Grandmama a call.

Domestic Mobile Phone Top Up

Now you can add funds on your pre-paid mobile phone recharge minutes from any one of our kiosks. This service covers the four top pre-paid carrier networks in the US. No more trips to the store when you run low. You can even use a Money Earned as your payment source.

International Mobile Phone Top Up

Adding recharge minutes to mobile phones around the world just got easier. Simply pick the country from the list of almost 100, and then carrier within the country, then enter the phone number to add funds to and choose the amount of dollars to add call minutes. That’s it.

Whether it’s Uncle Mario in Mexico or Auntie Jennie in Jamaica, you can keep them calling by adding minutes from the convenience of your workplace. No lines, no worries, NO FEES and with Money Earned as a payment source option….NO PROBLEMS!!!

Check back often to our site and our blog. There are many more features and services coming soon.

Three new services tested successfully

I was informed the Ganart team developed, deployed and tested three new services on the Ganart TaaS® platform: International Pinless Minutes, Domestic (US) Mobile Top Up and International Mobile Top Up. This was validated this morning by successfully completing multiple transactions across all three services in our sister company’s Humanetics production facility in Dallas. I would like to congratulate the entire Ganart team on demonstrating why we are a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Art Holbrook

Palm scan security for customers and faster money service

We debuted palm scan security for our clients early last week. The same week, Wayne McHugh and I had to visit one of them – Ennis Safety. They have been a client for over a year and are heavy users of the money everywhere machine. The touch screen of the machine had to be replaced due to a malfunction.

Tracy Mendez, Head of HR of Ennis Safety waited with us to get the machine back up and running. She got our bulletin about palm scan security as an option to PIN entry for Money Earned.

Money Earned is the most popular service at Ennis. It lets a worker get a portion of unpaid wages before payday, without debt, for a modest fee. We actually got a couple of queries from workers walking in asking “Is it going to be working today?” and “what time will it be ready?”.

Thus, we got the screen removed and reinstalled pronto. We then tested it with Tracy logging in. She got a Money Earned in less than 30 seconds.

At the end of her transaction it asked if she’d like to upgrade to palm scan security to replace her PIN. She touched “yes” and scanned her palm three times. She got the success window and receipt for the transaction. Then she logged out.

We asked her to log back and try for another Money Earned, in which she did. All she had to do this time was enter her employee number and then scan her palm. She was in the system immediately. She got another money earned and was done in less than 15 seconds.

Tracy liked the fact that it was faster. She also said that when workers lose their PINs, that they take company time getting a new one. She wants all of the employees to go for the palm scan security.

“Hey, I like that. That’s better.”

She then asked an employee in the break room to come over and enroll in palm scan security.

He followed the onscreen process. As we watched we saw that he got his hand placement pretty well but not as perfect as I would have done it. It was still a successful scan. He then logged out.

She then asked him to go and try a Money Earned. He touched in his employee ID. It prompted him for a palm scan security check. He put his hand in the scanner and BAM, he was in.

He turned around and said “Hey, I like that. That’s better.”

We’re hoping that more will adopt the palm scanning feature. We have already seen a steady adoption over the last few days since we offered it.

To aid in adoption we created this short video that plays on the upper screen of some of our machines. We have a version in Spanish and English.

UN urges increase in role of financial services across global postal sector

Our TaaS® platform was built for this financial inclusion channel. Were pleased that things continue to move in a positive direction. We also look forward to providing help to institutions following through to take on this challenge and make a better financial world.

Link to the Report

Link to Ganart’s Postal Solution deck

me – a registered trademark

We’ve added ® to our logo me. It’s a milestone of branding that many young brands never achieve. There are big responsibilities to go with it though.

The way we look at it is the “circle r” is the reminder for us to always revere all people, especially our customers that trust our services. Revere them by not just saying so or having a feeling about it, but to serve reverence through constant action and improvement of service to make their lives easier and better.

Over time, it’s our goal to make the me brand register as a positive and intimate helper for each person who uses it.

And if we do this right, customers may someday revere me. That’s worth all of the hard work.

A big thanks to the whole Ganart Team for the achievement.

Debt account aversion is costing consumers more

The Federal Reserve reported in 2009 that credit card debt carried by Americans in 2008 was $976 billion. Experian reported in the same year that those that use credit have an average of 5 credit cards per household.

This fascinating study used a game to find out how people pay off debt. It’s a good read…