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DMN Benefits Being Pared

Benefits Being Pared

From Dallas Morning News.

At Ganart we saw the downward trend for all employees benefits, which lead us to the creation of  the money everywhere Workplace Solution and money earned. We saw the beginning of benefit erosion back in 2009 for salaried employees. For the hourly wage earners, there had been nothing substantial offered for benefits as far as we could remember. We invented money earned to do two things, provide a cheaper option to payday loans and help workforces cope with cash flow by using the money they’ve already earned during the week.

Although we designed money everywhere services to appeal to the bedrock of U.S. workforces, hourly wage earners, we’ve gained interest in placing machines in companies with salaried employees.

Salaried people use money earned too.

In the workplaces enjoying money everywhere and money earned, we’ve noticed that salaried employees use money earned too.

Payment technology makes it very easy to pay out of one’s pocket or account. Money earned is one of the few inventions in the last twenty years to make it easy to pay in. It helps with cash flow problems individuals have never been able to solve affordably. Money earned is especially important with the trend of longer pay periods. It can span the gap to meet payables and surprises that affect income.

We hope our money earned concept will be included in statistics about company benefits in the future. Until then, every person we help with money everywhere services, especially money earned, with how much they save, is part of our goal in being a brand that helps.

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