Workplace Solution® is a registered trade mark

Ganart Technologies gets a ® for workplace solution.

On May 12th received word that we got the Workplace Solution® as a registered trademark. We just received the official document this week and we’re delighted that the name we’ve been using for a few years now, is registered.The money everywhere workplace solution® logo

The Workplace Solution® is the offering of financial services, deployed inside companies. It serves employee’s financial  management needs at low cost, without having to leave their place of work.

Money transfer, bill pay, mobile top up, ATM services and Money Earned are all available to employees who’s company enrolls in the Workplace Solution.

Since the Workplace Solution® is a registered trade mark, we hope to see it inside of many more workplaces as a suite of solutions to help make the money side of life better for the hourly wage earner to “C” level leaders.

The Workplace Solution® – a new benefit

Now employers can offer benefits that never existed before. Being an on site financial ecosystem, the Workplace Solution helps lessen money worries. Employees don’t have to take time off to take care of financial challenges. With less worry, morale improves and productivity increases.

With financial worries lessened the Workplace Solution helps drive more focus to work at hand.

It also helps the employee keep more earnings in their pocket, avoiding costly financial products that are designed to entrap.

The Workplace Solution also helps span bi-weekly and monthly pay periods. When a financial bind occurs, there’s no borrowing needed. With Money Earned, bill pay and money transfer, financial affairs can be solved in seconds, on break times.

The Workplace Solution was designed from the start to help workforces trump cash flow problems and get through their days and weeks conveniently, securely and fairly with dignity.

Contact Ganart to find out how the Workplace Solution can be a part of your company’s benefit program.

Ganart's Workplace Solution is now a registered trade mark

Registered trademarks awarded

money earned® is a registered trade mark

Money earned®and Because sometimes you just need $20® have been awarded registered trademarks with the United States Patent office.

Money earned is the name of our patented product offering. It’s getting access to money that’s earned before pay day. Calling it money earned was the simplest way to describe it. If you earn it, you can get it.

me®logo is a registered trade mark of Ganart Technologies, Inc.Our plan is to make our services available everywhere.

Money earned coincides with our logo for money everywhere. We consider the the logo as synonymous with money everywhere and money earned. When people see the logotype, they’ll know they can get a money earned. They’ll be able to make other transactions too: money transfers, bill payment, mobile phone top up, ATM and pinless minutes.

Because sometimes you just need $20® as a registered trade mark

Our tagline is a registered trademark too.

It’s the empathy Ganart shares with the need to be able to get just a little to get by, not too much.

Since we invented money earned, people can get a little bit, without taking out a loan and risk a debt trap by an over loaning.

Cheers to many years and many more great transactions and maybe a few more trademarks along the way.

Benefits, paychecks, hard times, money earned

DMN Benefits Being Pared

Benefits Being Pared

From Dallas Morning News.

At Ganart we saw the downward trend for all employees benefits, which lead us to the creation of  the money everywhere Workplace Solution and money earned. We saw the beginning of benefit erosion back in 2009 for salaried employees. For the hourly wage earners, there had been nothing substantial offered for benefits as far as we could remember. We invented money earned to do two things, provide a cheaper option to payday loans and help workforces cope with cash flow by using the money they’ve already earned during the week.

Although we designed money everywhere services to appeal to the bedrock of U.S. workforces, hourly wage earners, we’ve gained interest in placing machines in companies with salaried employees.

Salaried people use money earned too.

In the workplaces enjoying money everywhere and money earned, we’ve noticed that salaried employees use money earned too.

Payment technology makes it very easy to pay out of one’s pocket or account. Money earned is one of the few inventions in the last twenty years to make it easy to pay in. It helps with cash flow problems individuals have never been able to solve affordably. Money earned is especially important with the trend of longer pay periods. It can span the gap to meet payables and surprises that affect income.

We hope our money earned concept will be included in statistics about company benefits in the future. Until then, every person we help with money everywhere services, especially money earned, with how much they save, is part of our goal in being a brand that helps.

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The money everywhere brand

ADP Published Garnishment Rates Among US Workers

Today ADP came out with a report showing, for the first time, how many US workers are impacted by wage garnishment.

This is nothing new to Ganart. For this growing situation and multiple others, we created Money Earned.


About four years ago, we had one customer (we’ll call him Bob) who worked in the manufacturing sector. He told us that the ONLY way he could make it week to week was with Money Earned. He knew how little his net pay was. We did also. His ability to get to what he had earned, just so he could make it through his days, weeks and months while paying his garnishments down, was all the difference in the world to him. To do so, without another loan or debt, meant that Bob was truly able to manage his world with what he actually had coming to him, not taking on more debt.

Bob and his employers confirmed that prior to their Workplace Solution being installed, his productivity and morale was on a steep decline. After installation, Bob was able to “manage” his world, day to day. Morale went back up.

Hot Dogs and Ramen

Bob no longer wondered how he’d get gas to make it back and forth to work. He didn’t have to survive on Ramen and hot dogs for the six days prior to his next paycheck (Bob is paid every other week). Having any one of the dozen life events that come up i.e. flat tire, needing medicine, child school activities were less of a worry. Money Earned allowed Bob to focus more on his job while at work.


With ADP’s report today, it’s more apparent than ever, that a large percentage of US workers need help…now. The extended opportunity is U.S. employers would benefit from SOMEONE helping their employees to improve productivity, quality and overall morale.

That is what Ganart is, and has been doing with the Workplace Solution and Money Earned. If you are an employer and would like to know how you can bring this solution to your company at zero cost, please contact us today.

What’s 40 dollars mean?

What’s 40 dollars mean? A recent survey by the White House says $40 means a lot. That’s what some Americans won’t have each month after tax laws go into effect. Most Americans need this money to help solve financial stress.


At Ganart, our Money Earned product is proving to relieve weekly financial stress. It can’t make up for the $40 loss, but the ability to have access to money that you’ve already earned when needed, without going the “loan route” will help. That’s what Money Earned was designed to do.


Bill payment services broaden in 2014

For 2014, Ganart offers a broader span of bill paying convenience for self service customers. Ganart’s enhanced bill payment service went into service January 6th 2014. The service was deployed remotely over its TaaS network.

Paying bills at financial service kiosks is getting popular. Customers demand ease of use, speed, affordability and peace of mind that their bills get paid. Ganart’s broadened bill payment service was deployed to meet those demands.

Ganart’s bill payment service lets a customer choose from a greatly expanded list of popular billers and local billers. It’s improved search tool simplifies finding them. It’s short payment process gets a customer in and out fast.

Short list from 10,000+ billers available with enhanced bill payment service:

Georgia Power, Cricket Wireless, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Florida Power & Light, Commonwealth Edison, State Farm, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, AIG, Comcast, DirectTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Qwest, Cable Vision, CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile.

Expanded service for expanded paying power.

  • Expedited payment support for rush payment of bills
  • Same day bill payment in many cases
  • Easy to understand interface and fee schedule
  • Predictive payment posting date of paid bills
  • Top payment speed stated beside the biller name.
  • Swift registration of customers
  • Powerful short listing of a customer’s previous billers for speedy payments

Making it easier to improve was also a goal for Ganart. The TaaS platform can send enhancements and local biller lists to selected neighborhood kiosks for customer payment convenience.

Pew study signals need for alternative to payday lending.

People are using Money Earned as an alternative to payday lending. We’ve offered it on our money everywhere kiosks for over 2 years. When we came across this article we felt pretty good about what we are doing here at Ganart. Our customers don’t have to worry about becoming part of the statistics this article showcases. They also don’t have to worry about losing 30% of their income if their company offers Money Earned.

Read- Pew: Payday Loans Consume 30% Of Income In 35 States

Ganart recognized the dearth of small-dollar credit available to low- and moderate-income (“LMI”) consumers in the United States. Banks have largely turned their backs on providing loans to the LMIs due to regulations. LMIs currently have few credit options other than short term, high-priced payday loans.

As the study states, they take more than they need and don’t pay it back quickly.

Money Earned fills that dearth by NOT giving credit.

Money Earned customers can get the actual money they’ve earned during the week, when they want and as little they want.

It’s possible to take as little as $20. The Money Earned processing charge (7%) and the $20 is subtracted from the paycheck.

It’s pay day any day.

Money Earned allows employees to manage their actual asset that is their earned, but not yet paid wages It’s not a lend on the future. It’s gaining on what’s been done.

Employees just never were able to get their pay on their own terms easily. Now they can if their employer has Ganart money everywhere with Money Earned.

With Money Earned, all you have to do is look back and know that if you’ve earned it, you’re good for it and you can get it.