Blood Donation II

Amit Shamsundar is the type of employee that gives his all to the job an hand at Ganart. He’s also blood type B+, which kind of goes along with one of his mantras—”be positive”. That’s why he rolled up his sleeve and gave a blood donation.

The Janakalayan Raktapedhi body of Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, Pune. which is organized by Dr. Atul Kulkarni, set up the annual Blood Donation Camp, July 21st 2016 at Pune IT Park.

Certificate of Appreciation

Blood Donation Certificate and Ganart India

The Ganart India Team Vikas Gore, Sujata Dumbre, Rahul Durge and honoree Amit Shamsundar showing his Certificate of Appreciation for giving blood.

Amit Shamsundar donated for noble cause. In gratitude, Dr. Atul Kulkarni and Dr. Avinash Wachasundar have issued “Certificate of Appreciation”.

It marks the second year that Ganart India has participated in the blood drive. It won’t be the last as the other team members plan on giving the next blood drive

money and ideas

Money Rose

Author John Boitnott did the hard work in collecting quotes about money, really good ones that put into perspective what money is. I can’t disagree with them. They are truisms. Now, they’re worth reviewing.

Why then is the world economy in another era of irresponsibility so soon? It’s greed. Maybe we’re wired that way. It’s an obviously bad idea. Greed makes you stupid. Ask any thief in prison. “Greed is good” is a falsism.

I think the 25 quotes are good tools to fundamentally change things for the better. Sadly, people forget them. They don’t get passed down.

Money is an idea too.

Work, Pay and Money

I look at money in a classic way. It’s an exchange instrument. It’s a symbol of whatever I’ve done or have, is worth a certain amount of money people will pay for. In turn I can take this representation of worth and exchange it for something else of value. Money frees up trade. I may be able to trade my writing skills for a hamburger, but more likely I’ll earn cash and eat with more flexible menu options.

From there complexity builds if you shift away from the above thought. You start playing with risk. The allure is powerful. Before playing, review the 25 quotes.

Then ask yourself these questions.

If you veer off, are you smart enough to pull it off? Are you playing with folks that know the rules better than you? Are you playing with some who are making their own up? Are you playing with those who take? Are you playing with those who share? Are you playing with those who give? Are you trying to play with those who aren’t playing? Do you know who you are playing with?

Sometimes, to earn money, you have to play with everyone. Sometimes it’s by not playing at all when it’s wrong. You have to ask these questions over and over since all  the answers change dynamically. These aren’t the only questions, obviously.

Change the idea.

Sir Karl Popper knew that ideas can become reality and thus an idea itself is real. World 3 is what he called it. The concept frames our human reality and actual reality. Be careful with ideas.

Ideas, good ones, make humankind better.

Working for good ideas is earning worth towards making a better life for yourself and others. Money can be the result.

Some improve humankind through work and ideas that money can’t define- improving at the moment or improving for the future, turning their back on the money. To them it’s a transaction of value to humankind and the world.

Ask yourself how fulfilling is it to work for a bad idea? What do you call it?

Constantly thinking of ideas and following good truths about money will get you out of the mud even if you are up to your neck. It can guide you from failure to success. It may even shape reality for all. Make sure it’s a good idea if it’s going to affect others.

Did the ideas of the 25 quotes become real? They are. Some have obviously lasted for centuries. More people have to understand them to change things for the better. They’re all worth relearning, and as John put it, live by.

Send in your money quotes or ideas that were passed down to you, or ones you remember.


Benefits, paychecks, hard times, money earned

DMN Benefits Being Pared

Benefits Being Pared

From Dallas Morning News.

At Ganart we saw the downward trend for all employees benefits, which lead us to the creation of  the money everywhere Workplace Solution and money earned. We saw the beginning of benefit erosion back in 2009 for salaried employees. For the hourly wage earners, there had been nothing substantial offered for benefits as far as we could remember. We invented money earned to do two things, provide a cheaper option to payday loans and help workforces cope with cash flow by using the money they’ve already earned during the week.

Although we designed money everywhere services to appeal to the bedrock of U.S. workforces, hourly wage earners, we’ve gained interest in placing machines in companies with salaried employees.

Salaried people use money earned too.

In the workplaces enjoying money everywhere and money earned, we’ve noticed that salaried employees use money earned too.

Payment technology makes it very easy to pay out of one’s pocket or account. Money earned is one of the few inventions in the last twenty years to make it easy to pay in. It helps with cash flow problems individuals have never been able to solve affordably. Money earned is especially important with the trend of longer pay periods. It can span the gap to meet payables and surprises that affect income.

We hope our money earned concept will be included in statistics about company benefits in the future. Until then, every person we help with money everywhere services, especially money earned, with how much they save, is part of our goal in being a brand that helps.

Learn about our brand

The money everywhere brand

UN urges increase in role of financial services across global postal sector

Our TaaS® platform was built for this financial inclusion channel. Were pleased that things continue to move in a positive direction. We also look forward to providing help to institutions following through to take on this challenge and make a better financial world.

Link to the Report

Link to Ganart’s Postal Solution deck


We’ve been working for more than four years to bring our vision to fruition. Our goal is to create a transaction platform that satisfies exploding demands for affordable transaction services—for everyone involved. With the TaaS platform, providers can get expanded distribution for their services, financial institutions can bring on more services to drive new revenue and new initiatives, and the end customer gets all of the services he wants in one system, affordably.

Best though, the TaaS system knows the customer and does things to make it easy for him to make transactions. It eradicates the complex, tricky and hidden things that all customers hate.

Sometimes, when we talk to people who aren’t familiar with us, they want to pigeon-hole us into a kiosk provider, or a switch network, or some other facet of what we do. They just see the facets and not the whole diamond.

We politely smile.

Depending on what piece of the platform they focus on we’re going to look differently to them than we do to someone else. That goes with the territory. We’re glad that different parts interest them.

It’s pretty cool to find an article from a while back that slipped our notice from someone who clearly saw the diamond.

We’re thankful that Stuart Lauchlan presented this diamond about us, a flawless, clear, mega carat of explanation.

With appreciation…Cloud banking from Ganart

Debt account aversion is costing consumers more

The Federal Reserve reported in 2009 that credit card debt carried by Americans in 2008 was $976 billion. Experian reported in the same year that those that use credit have an average of 5 credit cards per household.

This fascinating study used a game to find out how people pay off debt. It’s a good read…

Banks Getting Into the Payday Lending Game

Here’s a link to a good article that explains new opportunities that banks may take to keep profits up, as well as what some banked consumers are migrating to– credit unions.

We researched parity bank payday loan products against MSB products and found that they had similar qualities but because of the checking account almost always required, the loan is paid off in the next pay period, off the top. Careful budgeting is required by the person getting the loan to avoid cascading charges of NSFs on checking activity. They were marketed as a last-resort emergency type loan.

Now seeing the article stating that Regions Banks is offering this type of loaning too, we suspect that more will follow.