Customer self service security using palm scanning for transaction speed and security

In our world of customer self service, security and the ease of use, without compromising  compliance requirements, has been going through a build-test-build cycle.

It resulted in a high level of customer adoption of Ganart’s self-service technology.

Since our recent software upgrades and technology enhancements to our TaaS platform, we’re now able to steadily upgrade our customer security, in turn, enriching our KYC (know your customer) database to better service our customers.

It’s a given – technology enrichment is extremely valuable for better customer service.

If we only have to prompt the customer to give information based on the transaction service requirement need, the customer just has to recall only the necessary information once, to fulfill the service they are consuming.  We take that info and build a secure KYC file on them for future transactions, cutting down on their transaction input repetitiveness. The result is a fast transaction and a happy customer that comes back to the me machine.

Customer self service security. Yes, it works.

One such feature that we have as part of our patent pending self service enrollment is an optional advanced palm scan technology to enhance security of a customer account. With this feature a workplace customer will now be able to super secure his account using palm scan if he opts in.

Self service security upgrade enrollment
customer self service security

We spoke to our customers and we found that this is a welcomed upgrade as they no longer need to remember their security code.  We found too that prompting the customer to upgrade their security at the end of a transaction is better received than to have them go through a forceful or interruptive upgrade before they make their transaction. Once they scan in, they are in.

This is a WIN-WIN for both our customers and our service providers. It also helps customer support, which has now lowered the number of customer calls because a customer forgot his security code and now the identity of the customer needs to be established – an arduous compliance process that’s not speedy. Well, it’s all now resolved by using customer self service security using palm scan technology.

We’re currently in the process of applying numerous as-you-need features to our TaaS platform to increase customer adoption. In doing so it provides a means for faster and more compliant transactions to our service providers.


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