Development is in our blood. Sometimes we donate it.

Ganart Team and the Blood Drive Certificate

Ganart Team India and Certificate of Appreciation

Our team gives back to the community from time to time. Our profession deals with transactions of value and benefit to humankind. Last month the Ganart team in India was awarded recognition for a transaction of human value, unrelated to the global monetary system.

Blood Drive

Abhijeet Iraj, Rahul Durge, Harshad Pattalwar and Vikas Gore actively participated in a Blood Donation Camp on August 20th 2015 at Pune IT Park, which is organized by Dr. Atul Kulkarni, Director in-charge “Janakalyan Raktapedhi” body of Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, Pune.

As a token of gratitude, they issued a “Letter of Appreciation” along with a certificate to display in our Pune office.

Development beyond the code

We work diligently at Ganart. To use the old adage, blood, sweat and tears is an understatement to the development work we do.

But when we were informed about the blood drive, we got introspective about something bigger than all of us. We got a chance to be a part of saving lives. Our team got bigger in heart. Who knows where the donation will go and to whom? Who knows what effect the donation will have on society or the world? We become part of the code of life.

The smallest things can have the biggest effect

We know all too well, that in the development world, one coding error can bring a whole system crash. In the world we serve, regardless of technology or not, donating blood is an act that has a bigger effect to human good. There is a transcendence, out of our day to day focus, to focus on that needle going in and watching that bag fill up.

Joking aside, it’s a chance to develop humankind where we know the outcome is good and not wasted. We may not know what kind of good the outcome is, and that dives us crazy as Computer Scientists, but it has a good effect. We accept the outcome of good as our goal.

And as software developers, we know that constant retesting of the process is necessary to see if the system breaks.

Dr. Kulkami, bring on the blood drives as soon as we can donate again. It’s in our blood to test it to make sure it keeps working.

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