We’ve been working for more than four years to bring our vision to fruition. Our goal is to create a transaction platform that satisfies exploding demands for affordable transaction services—for everyone involved. With the TaaS platform, providers can get expanded distribution for their services, financial institutions can bring on more services to drive new revenue and new initiatives, and the end customer gets all of the services he wants in one system, affordably.

Best though, the TaaS system knows the customer and does things to make it easy for him to make transactions. It eradicates the complex, tricky and hidden things that all customers hate.

Sometimes, when we talk to people who aren’t familiar with us, they want to pigeon-hole us into a kiosk provider, or a switch network, or some other facet of what we do. They just see the facets and not the whole diamond.

We politely smile.

Depending on what piece of the platform they focus on we’re going to look differently to them than we do to someone else. That goes with the territory. We’re glad that different parts interest them.

It’s pretty cool to find an article from a while back that slipped our notice from someone who clearly saw the diamond.

We’re thankful that Stuart Lauchlan presented this diamond about us, a flawless, clear, mega carat of explanation.

With appreciation…Cloud banking from Ganart

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