Mobile marketing – Who is making profit?

Mobile marketing has been growing worldwide and will reach $20.6 billion by 2015. I have seen several ad campaigns by companies and there is a huge rush for companies to make it out there. But who is making the profit so far? Wireless companies, technology providers, few ad networks, publishers and consumers.

Advertisers are the ones who are spending all the money and they are making none or less profit. Why is this happening? They should be the ones who must be getting the most profit. I guess, they don’t realize what they are paying for. Well in that case mobile marketing is not going to reach its potential.

May be these could help?

  •  gathering statistics, which will give in-depth visibility about the ongoing campaigns which can help future campaigns.
  •  Try out precision marketing based on real time data analysis which are captured.
  •  Find out the effective market segment to drive the campaigns.
  •  Most importantly find out for every dollar spend how can companies maximies the returns.

Once advertisers can fully optimize their campaigns and once inventories have been set free to enable unlimited open trading, the actualization of mobile’s full potential will be possible.

2 thoughts on “Mobile marketing – Who is making profit?

  1. Typical user doesn’t like spammed text messages but (s)he is ok with similar emails. Business might ask a user if they can send offers/promotions as text messages. User opts in if that saves him money/time. If there is gratification; user might want to forward it to his friends/social circle.

    Someone needs to nail workflow for this. any examples? In India there is but their offers are not exciting and as a User I don’t have option to specify what kind of offers am okay to receive in text messages

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