Palm scan security for customers and faster money service

We debuted palm scan security for our clients early last week. The same week, Wayne McHugh and I had to visit one of them – Ennis Safety. They have been a client for over a year and are heavy users of the money everywhere machine. The touch screen of the machine had to be replaced due to a malfunction.

Tracy Mendez, Head of HR of Ennis Safety waited with us to get the machine back up and running. She got our bulletin about palm scan security as an option to PIN entry for Money Earned.

Money Earned is the most popular service at Ennis. It lets a worker get a portion of unpaid wages before payday, without debt, for a modest fee. We actually got a couple of queries from workers walking in asking “Is it going to be working today?” and “what time will it be ready?”.

Thus, we got the screen removed and reinstalled pronto. We then tested it with Tracy logging in. She got a Money Earned in less than 30 seconds.

At the end of her transaction it asked if she’d like to upgrade to palm scan security to replace her PIN. She touched “yes” and scanned her palm three times. She got the success window and receipt for the transaction. Then she logged out.

We asked her to log back and try for another Money Earned, in which she did. All she had to do this time was enter her employee number and then scan her palm. She was in the system immediately. She got another money earned and was done in less than 15 seconds.

Tracy liked the fact that it was faster. She also said that when workers lose their PINs, that they take company time getting a new one. She wants all of the employees to go for the palm scan security.

“Hey, I like that. That’s better.”

She then asked an employee in the break room to come over and enroll in palm scan security.

He followed the onscreen process. As we watched we saw that he got his hand placement pretty well but not as perfect as I would have done it. It was still a successful scan. He then logged out.

She then asked him to go and try a Money Earned. He touched in his employee ID. It prompted him for a palm scan security check. He put his hand in the scanner and BAM, he was in.

He turned around and said “Hey, I like that. That’s better.”

We’re hoping that more will adopt the palm scanning feature. We have already seen a steady adoption over the last few days since we offered it.

To aid in adoption we created this short video that plays on the upper screen of some of our machines. We have a version in Spanish and English.

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