Pew study signals need for alternative to payday lending.

People are using Money Earned as an alternative to payday lending. We’ve offered it on our money everywhere kiosks for over 2 years. When we came across this article we felt pretty good about what we are doing here at Ganart. Our customers don’t have to worry about becoming part of the statistics this article showcases. They also don’t have to worry about losing 30% of their income if their company offers Money Earned.

Read- Pew: Payday Loans Consume 30% Of Income In 35 States

Ganart recognized the dearth of small-dollar credit available to low- and moderate-income (“LMI”) consumers in the United States. Banks have largely turned their backs on providing loans to the LMIs due to regulations. LMIs currently have few credit options other than short term, high-priced payday loans.

As the study states, they take more than they need and don’t pay it back quickly.

Money Earned fills that dearth by NOT giving credit.

Money Earned customers can get the actual money they’ve earned during the week, when they want and as little they want.

It’s possible to take as little as $20. The Money Earned processing charge (7%) and the $20 is subtracted from the paycheck.

It’s pay day any day.

Money Earned allows employees to manage their actual asset that is their earned, but not yet paid wages It’s not a lend on the future. It’s gaining on what’s been done.

Employees just never were able to get their pay on their own terms easily. Now they can if their employer has Ganart money everywhere with Money Earned.

With Money Earned, all you have to do is look back and know that if you’ve earned it, you’re good for it and you can get it.

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