Workplace Solution® is a registered trade mark

Ganart Technologies gets a ® for workplace solution.

On May 12th received word that we got the Workplace Solution® as a registered trademark. We just received the official document this week and we’re delighted that the name we’ve been using for a few years now, is registered.The money everywhere workplace solution® logo

The Workplace Solution® is the offering of financial services, deployed inside companies. It serves employee’s financial  management needs at low cost, without having to leave their place of work.

Money transfer, bill pay, mobile top up, ATM services and Money Earned are all available to employees who’s company enrolls in the Workplace Solution.

Since the Workplace Solution® is a registered trade mark, we hope to see it inside of many more workplaces as a suite of solutions to help make the money side of life better for the hourly wage earner to “C” level leaders.

The Workplace Solution® – a new benefit

Now employers can offer benefits that never existed before. Being an on site financial ecosystem, the Workplace Solution helps lessen money worries. Employees don’t have to take time off to take care of financial challenges. With less worry, morale improves and productivity increases.

With financial worries lessened the Workplace Solution helps drive more focus to work at hand.

It also helps the employee keep more earnings in their pocket, avoiding costly financial products that are designed to entrap.

The Workplace Solution also helps span bi-weekly and monthly pay periods. When a financial bind occurs, there’s no borrowing needed. With Money Earned, bill pay and money transfer, financial affairs can be solved in seconds, on break times.

The Workplace Solution was designed from the start to help workforces trump cash flow problems and get through their days and weeks conveniently, securely and fairly with dignity.

Contact Ganart to find out how the Workplace Solution can be a part of your company’s benefit program.

Ganart's Workplace Solution is now a registered trade mark

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